Pendleton Chows

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Breeder: Dave and Pat Foose Owner: Gretchen Elliott
Female —  Age: 14 AKC Number: NP22391401
Pickles turns into Wiggles! Chows are resilient and intelligent. If they are challanged with a relocation they generally make the best of thier new good fortune. Over the Memorial Day weekend Pickles relocated to a new Michigan life style. She is now retired and moved to the country where she lives with Gretchen and her other four legged kids.Thank-you Gil & Mary for working with us to find her a new place - we surely appreciate all that you did. Posting new photos just in!
Looking prettyCan't stop waggin my tailLook up at MomI like cookiesWinter at Wiggles' place - MNWiggles - keep on truckin'Pickles makes new friends
"Do not accept the admiration of your dog as an obvious conclusion that you are wonderful"
  - Ann Landers
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