Living Teddy Bears

Chow Chows are living teddy bears with a number of unique traits that have enchanted the Foose family over the years. Ask Pat any day and she'll tell you, "Chow chows have given us lots to be proud of and be humbled by. They have created opportunities for us to make friends with like-minded people many of whom have the same interest in the breed."

Dedicated to the Breed

AKC Breeder of Merit

When you have a passion and are as involved as the owners, Dave and Pat Foose, you participate in endless hours of study and conversation about the breed. Questions or topics that have frequently been discussed can be found in the FAQ segment of the site.

Dave is the groomer/breeding program manager and handler. He does the majority of the physical stuff (feeding, grooming, training, and exhibiting). Pat is the social-networker who maintains the business/website and paperwork flow for the kennel when she's not feeding the groomer and the puppies. Everyone does poop detail. Because Dave and Pat collaborate so well on all of the decisions made for our kennel, the kennel has given them a great partnership.

Both Dave and Pat have day jobs because owning a kennel like Pendleton is not a money maker — it's more like a way to spend their discretionary income — the operative word here is to spend. However if you manage kennel like a business, practicing ethics and common sense, you can offset some of your expenses through a successful breeding program and exhibition campaigns.

The most rewarding facets of being breeder/owner handlers include:

  • Having the ability to contribute to the traditions and the sport of showing dogs,
  • Making good friends,
  • Receiving recognition from your peers.


At Pendleton Chows, we usually have one or two litters per year. Puppy inquiries are welcome. If we don’t have a litter on the ground, we usually know who does. The referral part of breeding is very rewarding and also keeps us current on gene pool content. We are active members in good standing of the local AKC dog show community. You will find us listed on a number of Internet sites under Colorado dog breeders.


"Daily thought: Some people are like slinkies - not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs! "
  - Anonymous
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