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Breeder: Dr. Gail H Forsythe Owner: Dave and Pat Foose
Female —  Deceased AKC Number: NT072301 Pedigree
Happy was our foundation bitch and the first chow we imported into the US. She lived out a normal life span here at our place. She produced 2 litters and died of natural causes age 8 almost 9. BIS,BISS CH Pendleton's King Arthur OFA Excellent was in her first litter x CH Helena's Hokaido - Kai. (4 Puppies - Lady Gueneviere, Sir Lancelot and Morganna). In her second litter x CH Rebelrun's Thunder Road - Bruce, we had 4 puppies again. CH Pendleton's Christine, CH Pendleton's Top Gun, CH Pendleton's Make My Day and Pendleton's Mail Order Bride. Happy received an OFA Good rating. She is shown here in Pueblo,CO winning a major 4pt. AKC Championship 8-23-1987
Lionheart Discovery in Colo Springs
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