Pendleton Chows

New Puppy Check List


by Pat Foose


If you need to bribe the puppy to eat, unlikely but could happen we put a generous dollop of Plain Greek Yogurt on the dry kibble. (Mixed in if you want)  The kind of kibble we feed now that he is 2 months plus is:  Purina Pro Plan Performance; either Chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice  preferred "small bites" over the "shredded blend" for younger dogs the shredded pieces  are harder to digest .  The photo of bag is here, you could get the 20 pound +/- size rather than  the 45 pounder.  It should last you about  3-4 weeks.   Any time you plan to change food always mix half and half old and new food for at least 2 days so the digestive system is not too upset.   He should be good with 1-1 ½ cups in the AM and then in the PM (15-20 minutes later exercise time outside)

NuVet  Labs delivers a great supplement.  NuVetPlus ® the number to call for reorder is 800.474.7044, the membership number is: 47612 and you will have a 12 day supply with your puppy when he comes. 

Water is important and if you are on the go a bowl in the car that won’t spill and some bottled water or fresh from your house is great.  We make sure there is fresh water out at all times and we recommend stainless steel bowls.


Bedding will change as he gets older but if you are getting a crate for sanctuary space a cushion to fit inside is ideal.  If you have another one to rotate for laundry or put in another room without a crate it is good.  Don’t be alarmed if he wants to sleep by the door or on a tile surface, their normal temp is 99°-101°F and they frequently look for cool places or sunny places for the 18 hours of nap time they expect.

Doggie Door is wonderful invention if you can release him to a completely fenced in yard.  The puppies are potty trained to go outside for #1 and #2 now and that is how they roll.  Newspaper is a thing of the past and will only be torn into shreds so you’re beyond that phase already.

Crate should be at least large enough to have head clearance and be able to turn around inside without rubbing the walls. We’ve talked about all kinds of crates, a wire one is easy to find and keep clean, good ventilation and recommended for car travel.  The hardwood or designer crates are great for in the house as they blend with the room and should give them the sanctuary space and be in line of sight of their family.


They like squeaky furry toys without buttons or choking hazards for eyes.  The current favorite is a furry crescent shaped one, I will probably send it with him.  There are Purina and Eukanuba Puppy bones that are cookies they like and I have gotten them to come inside from playing by shaking the box or crinkling the bag. 

Yes, even puppies are food motivated.  Nyla bones, Kong balls and dumbbells are good.  You’ll have fun with him at the store picking out his next favorite.

We’ve had bad experiences with Greenies getting stuck in their fur when they tire and fall asleep on them, there are some rawhide chews that are either chips or bones with knots on the end.  Without flavors and preservative are better.  Elk antlers are fun but no chicken pork or beef bones, please.


Heavy duty dryer or access to a Dog Shampoo/Drying Salon.  Grooming table with an Arm and Noose.  There are many online that are collapsible with adjustable legs to adjust for height of the groomer.

A Groomer that comes to your house rather than using a place where they can be exposed to doggie germs or long time in a drying crate.


Metal Comb with a round spine to make it easy to grip.  There are some with graduated spaces between the tines and some that are all one sized space.  No matter.

Slicker  a smaller brush with a horizontal design to attach the handle and tiny pins that have rubber tips (no skin abrasion) we use this on the hocks, tail, rough and behind the ears.

Pin Brush a regular shaped brush that incorporates the handle like a normal hair brush but the bristles are either boar’s hair or stainless. 

Spray bottle(s) for conditioner and water.

Microfiber Washcloth for drying face well.  Baby wipes from Costco are also great to have on hand.

We have a found a few Pet Washes that are here, sure there are some near you, ideal if you can take your dog, use their shampoo and dryer/table and your brushes, combs etc.  then be done in an hour or so without messing up your bathroom, mudroom  or paying for a groomer.


As we discussed there are flat and round leashes, in many different materials.   Preference to the round ones that won’t cut or break the coat or be abrasive to skin.  Collars or harnesses can be used for walks but not recommended for leave on use.  Most are adjustable with click on and off fasteners so he can get in or out without much fuss.

Now he is too young for lead training but in a few weeks you can let him wear it around the house or yard  and then with some cheese or cookies you’ll be ready to get to walk with you on a lead by bribing him for the first few steps and then a reward after you get going. If he pulls or sits down a moderate amount of correction may be needed to get this going.  Chow chows are not great off lead unless you practice in a fenced in area.  They can become escape artists and it is not a good idea to experiment unless you are sure about where the highway is or any other obstacles like a stream or lake.


I’m getting him Micro-chipped by the vet doing the Health Certificate.  It is in the ResQ program and he will come with paperwork.  This enables a to connect to your information for his file and future visits or any lost and found scenario.  It should be less than a $45.00 fee.


"Eat less, move more, don't be afraid to break a sweat every once in a while, and remember to be balanced. When we obsess over health and nutrition, it is no longer healthy. "
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