Tidbits about Chows

National Purebred Dog Day   by: Courtesy of AKC —5/1/17
Meet the Breeders   by: Pat & Dave Foose with Michael Heldt —10/15/16
Chow Life Magazine interview of the owners of Pendleton Chows Ltd. in a Q&A format. Article contains many photos of provides a background for the kennel.
AKC OWNER HANDLER SERIES   by: Onofrio Dog Shows presents from AKC —6/8/16
The decoder ring for the National Owner Handler Series of shows. Not every show has this event listed as an extra class - most often the best owner handler by breed is selected in the confirmation breed ring and they go off to the NOHS Group at the appro
The Best Cold Weather Dogs - Top 20   by: Mattie Schuler —12/5/13
Mattie called to interview me about Winter happy breeds... I wish she had asked me for a photo... oh well. The Chow Chow came in at #15. The article was published in the Colorado based magazine called Outside
P A N Z E R E L L A   by: Alice M Thompson —8/19/13
Recently we met Alice Thompson on the phone. She called about Pendleton Chows and upcoming litters. Talked about links back to her Pandee dogs and chows she knew in the 80's. Isn't technology grand? Alice granted me permission to reprint.
A Voyage on the Good Ship CCCI   by: pmf —4/1/13
Excitement about going to the National - planning, do's and don'ts - car trips with the chowlets. Expectations and excursions.
New Puppy Check List   by: Pat Foose —3/25/13
From Pendleton Chows Ltd to the Forever Home transition can be challenging. Here are some guidelines for consideration.
See today's work on facebook   by: pmf —12/5/10
Snapped some quick shots this weekend to chronical what's going on at Pendleton Chows
What is a Grand Champion?   by: AKC Gazzette —11/20/10
There is a new title effective in the show year 2010 - This article tells us a brief background
About this website   by: Dave Foose —11/19/10
An introduction to the Pendleton Chows website.
Chow Chow Breed Standard   by: AKC —11/17/10
A powerful, sturdy dog of Arctic type, medium in size and muscular with heavy bone, the Chow Chow is an ancient breed of northern Chinese origin.
Chow Chow History   by: AKC —11/17/10
The Chow Chow is more than 2,000 years old as a breed and many authorities believe it may date back much farther.
"Love is when a dog licks your face even if you left it home alone all day"
  - Anita - a brilliant 4 year old
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