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by Dave Foose

About this website

Chow Cloud
Includes a calendar of shows and CCCI Links to regional specialties, along with articles on all things Chow that might be of interest..

Our Dogs
This is a photo gallery of dogs we own or have bred and shown. Each posted dog has a page with a small gallery and live pedigree link where you can find information about the heritage of that dog or bitch.

Find litters posted by the Dam & Sire. There will be a thumbnail of the litter and the DOB number in the litter M or F and color abbreviated with Blk for Black, R for Red, Cr for cream, Bu for Blue and Ci for cinnamon. We try to catalog developmentally gauged shots over a time line in weeks. To compare photos at a similar age is great for evaluation purposes.

Paw Prints
This section is a collection of photos that Friends of Pendleton Chows Ltd post to their own ‘Gallery.’ You can request a free membership as a friend of Pendleton and be granted access to add your photos and snapshots. Paw Prints includes photos of dogs with the Pendleton Kennel name or dogs that we know or have known.

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