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Breeder: Lucille & Harry Gibney Owners: Lucille & Harry Gibney and Dave and Pat Foose
Male —  Deceased AKC Number: NM59281203 Pedigree
"Capper" was a trans-kennel dog who lived part of his life with us here at Pendleton and the other part at BearDen with Lucille and Harry, his breeders. He was such a stoic boy who never really jumped on anyone to say hello and he tolerated all the travel, grooming, conditioning and so on. I think he liked hanging out with us and he got to go to NYC a couple times and live the life of a NYC Show Dog! Elevators, pent house gardens and all, LOL. We have maintained access to his frozen sperm - inquiries are welcome. He won several Best in Shows, one set was Back to Back under Roger Pritchard in Longmont at the Flatirons Kennel Club show... While that was huge, his most prestigeous win was a Group IV at the Garden! So much fun! Camp Baxter was all a buggin! Thanks Lucille for sharing him with us. I should also mention important winning of the CCCI National Specialty twice, which allowed Dave to retire the LionTamer Trophy offered by Sam Drapper.
Breeding Availability: Frozen sperm
CCC Inc 06/02/1999 S Peterson Capper - National No. 1
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