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Breeders: Dave and Pat Foose and Lucille & Harry Gibney Owner: Dave and Pat Foose
Male —  Deceased AKC Number: NP12214001 Pedigree
Talk about a cutie from the start, guess that's how he got the name The Golden Boy! He has matured into a very layed back dog who doesn't present any problems or challanges. He likes to travel but would be just as happy in the kennel. He doesn't look his age because he has that teddy bear face and he stayed a lighter shaded red. To me, he looks like he's eternally in puppy coat for the color but not the texture, thank goodness. He has sired some gorgeous litters and my favorite in that group is Aurora.
New CH Pendleton the Golden Boy 4/13/2008
"If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will."
  - Anonymous
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