Pendleton Chows


Breeder: Dave and Pat Foose Owner: Dave and Pat Foose
Male —  Deceased AKC Number: NM89098401 Pedigree
Wilson was his call name after we saw Tom Hanke's latest movie. He was so gentle and loving. He could be one of the prettiest boys we had here. He finished easily for a black and we seldom had a problem with his coat or attitude. We retired him with a friend and he saved her life as he was quite attached to Deanna even though she was having health issues. He led the EMT to her kitchen through the doggie door! They were so in love. We had his semen frozen and he could be used with the right mate.
Breeding Availability: Frozen sperm
CH Pendleton Paramount Castaway - WilsonWilson taken June 2004
"Eat less, move more, don't be afraid to break a sweat every once in a while, and remember to be balanced. When we obsess over health and nutrition, it is no longer healthy. "
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